Why Brandy & Ginger

why brandy and ginger?

An appreciation for gleaming gold...

Why Brandy & Ginger? A fortunate education…

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough through work to be exposed to the  brandy accounts of one of the world’s leading wine and spirit producers. Admittedly, not knowing much more about brandy that the occasional klippies and coke, I was blissfully unaware of the depth and history of this premium spirit.

I was fascinated to discover how much there was to brandy, both in making and aging through to selecting, tasting and appreciating it. And through all this I found it difficult to see why brandy has such a negative reputation in general in South Africa.

Since then my passion and appreciation for premium brandy has only grown, and with it my exploration of the brandy making regions of South Africa. From massive brandy co-ops producing anything from stock mixable spirit through to spectacular 20 year aged masterpieces, to tiny organic wine farms producing a few hundred litres per year, we are fortunate in this country to have it all when it comes to brandy.

This blog is an expression of my interest and passion for brandy. Tasting, enjoying and spreading the word about premium brandy is a favourite hobby. It is amazing to me how many people (as I once did) have the classic negative connotation towards brandy in their heads. And for me it’s great to break that stereotype down and hear people say “Gee, I am surprised. I never knew brandy was like that. “