Van Ryns Distillers Reserve 12yr

For me, their crowning glory. Van Ryns Distillers Reserve 12yr is perhaps my favourite brandy tasted to date. Satisfies at any occasion. My rating: 21/25

What the makers say: Van Ryns Distillers Reserve 12yr

Nose: Ripe and dried fruits with dark berries, plum, dried apricot, spices of vanilla, cinnamon and sweet tobacco.
Palate: Oak, stong dried fruit, hints of coffee
Finish: Elegant, long flavour, velvet.

My View

Nose: 8/10
Lots of fruit. Yummy Fruit. Definite Apricot. Some scent of Vanilla, and cinnamon. Oak wood.
Palate: 9/10
Strong Wood. Dried Peaches and Apricots
Finish: 4/5
So smooth, lingering and soft.

Total Score: 21/25

Serving Tips:

Neat in a snifter. With space, time and peace. In my view, they do not get much finer than this. Pure perfection in a glass. Matured elegance and sophistication.


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Price per Bottle: R450.00