Sumsaré 5 year old brandy

A perfectly crafted micro distilled potstill, Sumsaré 5 year old brandy shows maturity way beyond its years. Oozing sophistication, my rating is 19/25

My View:

Nose:  4/5
Opens up with a floral bouquet, with whiffs of potpourri. Matures into hints of marzipan, rum and raisin, citrus fruit and toasted coconut.
Taste:  7/10
Dried Apricots, strong citrus – orange. Subtle spices, white pepper, hiding behind hints of vanilla.
Finish:  8/10
Smooth. So smooth with lingering fruit and soft spices. Smooth way beyond its 5 year term behind oak bars.

Total: 19/25

Serving suggestions: Only one way for this to be enjoyed. Neat in a snifter. Each glass reveals something slightly new, and the softest finish of any 5 year old brandy out there. Read an interview with brandy maker Danie Erasmus here

Average Rating: 12345

Price per Bottle: R375.00