Sir George 5yr

An undiscovered secret of the Wellington brandy route, Sir George 5yr from Napier Winery. A simply superb, small volume potstill, sold in elegant 500ml bottles. My rating: 18/25

What the makers say: Sir George 5 yr

Nose: Dried apricots and pear
Taste: Sweet and soft mouthfeel
Finish: Sublime & Smooth, no burning on the swallow

My View

Nose: 7/10
Dried fruit, peaches, cedar wood
Taste:  7/10
Hints of coffee, dried apple chips, vanilla & lingering sweetness
Finish: 4/5
Smooth & warming, very easy swallow.

Total score:  18/25

Serving tips:

Most definitely a potstill to be enjoyed neat in a brandy snifter. Being only aged 5 years, it is very light and upbeat in nature, so very easy drinking and social. Makes a superb after dinner aperitif, strongly complimenting the lingering sweetness of a good dessert.

Sir George Potstill Brandy

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Price per Bottle: R250.00