Rémy Martin XO Cognac

Perhaps one of the world’s most recognised and famous Cognac brands, Rémy Martin XO Cognac is the flagship in the range. My rating is 19/25

My View:

Nose:  3/5
Fruity, strong spices – clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. slightly strong alcohol from higher ABV.
Taste:  8/10
Dry, full mouth feel. Strong oak wood, and subtle, lingering anise (liquorice) .
Finish:  7810
Fruit filled, with dry tannins on the tongue.

Total: 19/25

Serving suggestions:  Neat in a snifter. Any Cognac aged aged for that length of time deserves the respect of appreciating its complex purity with nothing added!

Average Rating: 12345

Price per Bottle: R1,800.00