Pierre Croizet XO

The first (an so far only!) cognac to make my collection, Pierre Croizet XO is surprisingly different, and very smooth despite the extra 2 % ABV. My rating: 17/25

What the makers say: Pierre Croizet XO

Nose: Sweet; oily, orange peel, rich fruits, plums.
Taste: Parma violets, orange zest, marzipan, fruity
Finish: Dry, sweet and smooth

My View

Nose: 7/10
Strong wood, orange peel, spice
Taste:  6/10
Liquorice, strong and spiced oak and other wood.
Finish: 4/5
Smooth & gentle with subtle sweetness left on the palate.

Total score:  17/25

Serving tips:

Notably different in style to our local brandies, seemingly more subtle with not as full a mouth feel. Neat in a snifter would be the only way to enjoy this fine french, and do justice to the 20 years spend maturing in oak.

Pierre Croizet XO Congnac

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Price per Bottle: R1,500.00