Ladismith Klein Karoo 8yr

Ladismith Klein Karoo 8yr from the stunning R62 brandy route. Aged 8 years it shows maturity beyond its years, as is illustrated by its most recent gold medal at IWSC 2011. My rating: 19/25.

What the makers say: Ladismith Klein Karoo 8yr

Nose: Woody, nutty, jasmine and vanilla
Palate: Cinnamon, sun dried apple.
Finish: Softly caresses the tongue

My View

Nose: 8/10
Apricots, , wood and strong vanilla. Cant get the jasmine though, not for lack of trying!

Palate: 8/10
Cinnamon, dried fruit, marzipan with hints of white pepper

Finish: 3/5
Very soft finish, not quite as smooth though as some of the older more mature brandies. Still no roughness or burn on the swallow. Lingers on the palate long after swallowing.

Total: 19/25

Serving suggestions:

Neat in a snifter. Because it is younger and zestier, it can be enjoyed more informally over evening chatter and conversation. A very social premium brandy. But be careful, it slips down very easily!

Average Rating: 12345

Price per Bottle: R250.00