KWV XO Cognac

One of the few Cognacs we have tasted, but an exceptional product none the less! Blended from Cognacs aged between 12-30 years old and done in Partnership with the House of Charpentier. Unique, well balanced and delightfully delicious. Franco’s Rating: 19/25 

What the makers say:

Litchi, cinnamon and fruit cake
Hints of dark chocolate and coffee, well balanced
Lingering velvety finish

Franco’s View:

Nose:  4/5
Coconut, chocolate and vanilla, with soft floral accents.
Taste:  8/10
Soft and spice, well balanced and easy to appreciate
Finish:  7/10
Very soft and stays in the mouth long after

Total: 19/25

Serving suggestions:  Enjoy neat to appreciate the nose and balance. A block of ice or two can open it up nicely if it is too strong neat.

Average Rating: 12345

Price per Bottle: R2,000.00