KWV Imoya VSOP Brandy

Fitting for me somewhere between the 10 and 15 year brandies in the range, KWV Imoya VSOP brandy is a blend of 20, 10, 8 and 3 year old brandies bottled slightly stronger at 40%. My rating: 17/25

What the makers say: KWV Imoya VSOP Brandy

Nose: Dried fruit, toasted, spicy nuttiness
Taste: Dried fruit, nuts and wood
Finish: Full bodied with lingering aftertaste

My View

Nose: 7/10
Dried banana chips, liquorice
Taste:  7/10
Dried fruit, vanilla, spice 7/10
Finish: 3/5
Full and fruity, with slight spice undertones.

Total score:  17/25

Serving tips:

Best enjoyed in a snifter, neat with a block of ice or some water. A slightly stronger finish from the extra 2 % alcohol, but still a very well rounded and structured brandy

Average Rating: 12345

Price per Bottle: R350.00