KWV 20 Year Old Brandy

Currently the the oldest gentleman in the premium KWV range, KWV 20 year old brandy lives up to every minute of its 20 year maturation.  My rating: 21/25

What the makers say: KWV 20 year old brandy

Nose: Complex strong peach, pineapple and port, nut and oak
Taste: Full bodied, mellow and complex
Finish: n/a

My View

Nose: 9/10
Honey, dried apricot and strong oak wood
Taste:  8/10
Explosion of dried and fresh fruit. Cedar wood and subtle sweetness
Finish: 4/5
So smooth, and complex.

Total score:  21/25

Serving tips:

Can only be truly appreciated neat in a big brandy snifter! Unravel its 20 years in wood with each slow sip you take.


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Price per Bottle: R700.00