KWV 15 Year old Brandy

Currently the penultimate offering in the premium KWV range, KWV 15 year old brandy is truly a masterpiece.  My rating: 22/25

What the makers say: KWV 15 year old brandy

Nose: Complex dried peaches and apricot, jammy banana, tropical
Taste: Peach, subtle tones of nut
Finish: n/a

My View

Nose: 9/10
Green Pistachio nuts,  Vanilla, Honey and dried fruit
Taste:  9/10
Dried fruit, floral undertones and almonds
Finish: 4/5
Smooth and mellow with lingering wood.

Total score:  22/25

Serving tips:

Can only be truly appreciated neat in a big brandy snifter!

KWV 15 Year Old Brandy


Average Rating: 12345

Price per Bottle: R550.00