Flight of the Fish Eagle Brandy

For a young 3 year old brandy, you don’t get much finer. Flight of the Fish Eagle Brandy is perfect neat in a snifter with ice, or with ginger ale as my favourite mixed drink. Pure refreshment! My rating: 18/25.

What the makers say: Flight of the Fish Eagle Brandy

Nose: Honey, straw, grassiness, traces of almonds appels and spice
Taste: Fruit laden
Finish: Silky and lingering

My View

Nose: 7/10
Straw, litchis, hint of almond.
Taste:  8/10
Spicy, strong walnut, soft citrus / orange peel
Finish: 3/5
Surprisingly smooth for such a young brandy

Total score:  18/25

Serving tips:

Drop a single ice cube in the snifter.  Wait for it to chill down. This releases so much more on the palate, and the finish becomes very smooth. If not, the best tall drink in the business is a solid measure of Fish in a tall glass with ice, topped up with Ginger Ale. Allow to chill, sip and enjoy. Alternatively try Appeltiser, its also really good.

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Price per Bottle: R130.00