Elsenburg 13 year old brandy

Distilled in small batches each year by final year students at the Elsenburg College of agriculture, this micro produced potstill packs a weight and a half in terms of taste and flavour. My rating is 20 /25

My View:

Nose:  4/5
Chocolate, cinnamon, spice & vanilla.
Taste:  7/10
Peaches, apricots, strong oak wood, clove, nutmeg, white pepper.
Finish:  9/10
Exceptionally smooth, very dry and lingering. So soft, with subtle oak on the side of the tounge

Total: 20/25

Serving suggestions: Could only be neat in a snifter. An unbelievably smooth potstill brandy, a true gem in the crown of South African brandy making. One would expect educators to know a fair bit about making good brandy, but to be this good is  quite remarkable. I am very sorry it is not for sale, I certainly would stock up!

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