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Oude Meester Brandy: Blue Door Event

I had a great time  last night at the latest installment of the Exclusive Oude Meester Brandy Blue Door events. Held at the stunning Young Bloods Art Gallery in Bree Street, it was a good night of quality Oude Meester brandy, yummy finger food and an inspiring talk from Interactive Africa chief, Ravi Naidoo

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What the experts say: Brandy Awards

While I fully believe that enjoying premium brandy is a subjective process, there are those products that seem to stick out from the pack for most enthusiasts. This post takes a look at which of our local brandies are winning brandy awards and performing at spirit competitions, both locally and abroad.

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Brandy Infusion with Collisons White Gold

Take a bottle of brandy. Pour a little bit out. Now add in fruit, spices, sweeteners, herbs, anything you can think of that will taste nice, really. Then seal it up and leave it a week. Clear the contents and filter it out. What do you have left? A brandy infusion. Distell’s “Fine Brandy. By […]

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