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Brandy Fusion: Celebrating SA Brandy

From small micro producing farms in Oudtshoorn to the big guns of SA brandy, it was all on display in fine fashion at this years Brandy Fusion. Over 30 producers each with some stunning display stands, a cooperage display and the big reveal of a 30 year old brandy. What a night!

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Oude Meester Brandy: Blue Door Event

I had a great time  last night at the latest installment of the Exclusive Oude Meester Brandy Blue Door events. Held at the stunning Young Bloods Art Gallery in Bree Street, it was a good night of quality Oude Meester brandy, yummy finger food and an inspiring talk from Interactive Africa chief, Ravi Naidoo

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Brandy Tasting: A tough panel to impress…

Brandy tasting: International wines meet local premium brandies What a great institution, home wine tasting clubs. Even better when the crew assembled for the tasting are very open and keen to learn more about premium brandy. It didn’t take much to convince the sceptics (and some hardened Whisky buffs!), there really is something worth exploring […]

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What the experts say: Brandy Awards

While I fully believe that enjoying premium brandy is a subjective process, there are those products that seem to stick out from the pack for most enthusiasts. This post takes a look at which of our local brandies are winning brandy awards and performing at spirit competitions, both locally and abroad.

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Blending brandy with Johan Venter

Imagine in front of you 8 plastic lab jars of liquid gold. Unlabeled, unknown. All made from different grapes, aged in different oak barrels, for different lengths of time. Next to them, glass measuring jugs, beakers and a pipette. Now imagine sitting with Johan Venter and blending brandy for yourself. Sound easy? It certainly wasn’t… […]

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South African Brandy Guide

While cruising around on the South African Brandy Foundation website, I stumbled across a link to get a free copy of “Your Guide to South African Brandy”. Naturally interested, I filled out the form and thought nothing more of it, until I received a post office slip in the mailbox to collect a package. I […]

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Brandy Infusion with Collisons White Gold

Take a bottle of brandy. Pour a little bit out. Now add in fruit, spices, sweeteners, herbs, anything you can think of that will taste nice, really. Then seal it up and leave it a week. Clear the contents and filter it out. What do you have left? A brandy infusion. Distell’s “Fine Brandy. By […]

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