Corporate Brandy Tastings

Setting up a Corporate Brandy Tasting

Tutored corporate brandy tastings are a fun and interactive way to discover more about brandy, either as a work team builder or just for a fun social event. The tasting starts with an introduction to South African premium brandy, what it is, how its made and why its so much more than just a mixer for coke.

We then move on to sampling and comparing the brandies one at a time in a snifter with guidance on appreciation; nose,¬†taste and finish. And the best part for some, pairing the brandies with Chocolate or nougat or something sweet! Here’s a write up on a corporate brandy tasting for you to read more.

All tastings follow the same format, with the only difference being which brandies are selected for sampling:

  • About brandy and making techniques
  • Tutored tasting of 4 brandies chosen from a range of 3-20 year old products
  • Chocolate and brandy pairing

Tastings are quoted on request depending on location, group size and brandies selected for tasting.

Use the form below to request your own premium brandy tasting and we will get back to you for the finer details and a quote. 

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