Brandy Butterscotch Pudding

Here’s a winner sounding quick dessert! Adding a splash of potstill brandy to a classic butterscotch pudding. Think I’ll be trying this out on the long weekend.

Brandy and Butterscotch pudding anyone?

The recipe is originally made with cognac. Just swap that out for any of our premium potstill brandies, and you’ll be as right as rain.

Personally I think I’ll try making this with Uitkyk 10 year old, as it has a very strong vanilla profile and could compliment the flavour profile here very well. Klipdrift gold could work too. But am sure any decent potstill brandy would do the trick here!

Making the Brandy Butterscotch Pudding

Basic prep time is 15 minutes, though it does need 4 hours to set in the fridge once made. It servers 4-6 people, and is made with the local suspects, butter, sugar, milk, cream, corn starch (mezina), egg yolks and of course the potstill brandy. The only thing you may have to hunt for a bit is fresh vanilla pods, but you can find them!

Here’s the full recipe on Kitchen Confidante, have a go and let me know what you think of it. Sounds delicious, cant wait to try it myself.


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