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Blaauwklippen Brandy 10 year old Launch

Very exciting news for local potstill brandy lovers is the addition of another gem to the local micro produced brandy stables. I was lucky enough to visit the Blaauwklippen farm yesterday for a tour and tasting of the new addition to the Blaauwklippen Brandy range…

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Getting to know Joseph Barry Brandy

Tasting the Joseph Barry Brandy Range. What a great pleasure to be in possession of not only the Joseph Barry 3 year old and 5 year old brandies, but also the ever elusive and much revered 10 year old international award winner. I took these 3 fine potstills around to my folks place and had […]

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KWV Brandy – A guided cellar tour

KWV Brandy – A guided tour of the cellars One of the great things about the local brandy market is the variation of production from tiny microdistillers bottling one barrel at a time, to the mass master craftsmen putting hundreds of thousands of litres on our shelves every year. KWV Brandy is one of the […]

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Exploring French Brandy: Chabot Armagnac

Chabot Napolean Armagnac Brandy And Ginger

With such a wide variety of brilliant local premium brandies available, I have not as yet dabbled in much of the finer French brandy out there. But on a recent overseas trip, I did pick up a bottle of Chabot Napoleon, from Armanac – a brandy producing region near Congnac in France.

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