Pot Luck Club & Brandy Magic

Brandy was the hero yet again at a fantastic lunch put on by the South African Brandy Foundation and KWV. Hosted at the Pot Luck Club in Woodstock, Head Chef Wesley Randles created some fine dining treats to pair with the exclusive KWV range of brandies. Here’s how it went down.

Potluck Club Ritz salad

Potluck Club Ritz salad

The Potluck Club Avocado Ritz

First course up was the Pot luck club avocado Ritz. A light and fresh grilled prawn salad with butter lettuce leaves, avo and a super delicate peanut chilli mayo dressing.

This elegant creation was paired with the KWV 10 year old vintage brandy, still named vintage despite its 100% potstill component (Hint: for that price you don’t get a better 10 year old potstill, fact.)

The pairing worked well.  Not being the biggest avocado or fish eater out there, it was a touch difficult to be truly impartial in this one. But I managed to dodge the avo easily enough, and the prawns turned out to be quite delicious.

The grilled smokeyness of the prawn enhanced the subtle oaking of the 10 year old, the peanut mayo dressing amplifying the hazelnut undertone of the brandy. Delicious combo indeed.

Grilled Mushroom, Parmesan & Porcini Dust

Grilled Mushroom, Parmesan & Porcini Dust

Second Course Umami Explosion

Next up was grilled mushrooms on toast, grated lemon, parmesan and porcini dust. Paired with the new kid on the KWV block, the quietly understated 12 year old potstill.

This pairing really worked. The balsamic reduction and porcini dust umami explosion, paired superbly with the dried fruit and apricot notes of the brandy, while the sweet grape jam that layered the toast lifted the unique white chocolate finish of the brandy perfectly.

This 12 year old will certainly turn heads, and here’s another hint, at R239.99 exclusive to Makro stores, you don’t get better value.

Go get it people, you won’t be sorry, and it won’t be at that price for long! It even had local wine fundi Neil Pendock raving about it, no easy feat I assure you. Read what he had to say here.

Roast Pork Belly & Poached Apple

Roast Pork Belly & Poached Apple

Onto the Main Course

Third course, and highlight of the day for me paired roasted pork belly, cured apple, sweet nut crumble and soya reduction with the ultra delish KWV 15 year old. And work this match up did.

The moreishly sweet nut crumble just matched the dried fruit of the brandy exactly, the roasted pork belly added a extra smokey feel to the brandy, drawn from its longer aging in barrel.

All round, the brandy just eased down with the food, and at one point I had to remind myself that I was drinking 38% alcohol and not just a glass of stunning super fruity wine!

Next up was a gourmet selection of local cheeses and some delectable honeycomb honey for matching with the 20 year old if you liked. Cheese and brandy just work, don’t ask me how, but they really just do.

And that ultra gourmet fine Cape honey on some select artisan breads just lifted the honey notes of the fine KWV 20 year old brandy perfectly. How could we eat any more? Easy really. When a dish of such looks, smells and down right irisitabilitly as this last course is placed in front of you, you just make a plan to eat it!

Malted Chocolate Fondant & Ginger Icecream

Malted Chocolate Fondant & Ginger Icecream

The Finale: Chocolate Fondant

A malted chocolate fondant served with stem ginger ice cream. The fondant split and oozed fantastically, and with brandy and dark chocolate, let’s just say you really can’t go wrong.

The ginger ice cream wile on its own was just superb, perhaps slightly overpowered the super smooth and subtle 20 year old brandy on pairing.

But certainly not enough to not enjoy the matchup immensely, a fitting end to a quite superb lunch.

Congrats must go to Chef Wesley for his skill in matching the subtleties of each brandy with the signature dishes in his stable so well.

And big thanks to Pieter, Lourens and Peadar from KWV for putting it on.

As always the brandy foundation for promoting such awesome match ups of the best local brandies and 5 star cuisine.

Well done guys, all round a super success.

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