Brandy Tasting with winners

Another successful showing from South Africas Finest Potstills, left a few new brandy fans in the building! Brandy and Ginger held a tasting for the Mens Month winners at, here’s what went down.

Brandy tasting crew enjoying the nectar!

Despite the Cape Town traffic problems, we managed to get 7 tasters with high spirits into the rec room at and set up a decent brandy tasting trip through 5 fine local potstills.

The brandies selected for the tasting were:

Brandy Tasting – Impressing the grain lovers!

Good thing about the tasting was that we had a fair few Whisky Connoisseurs in the mix two, which really helps the proceedings. Firstly, whisky drinkers are used to drinking neat spirit, which is a bit of an acquired taste, and secondly they tend to be more open minded about the variety that neat premium spirit can offer, regardless of its type. That said, its not always easy to change perceptions…

Working slowly through the brandy tasting range on display we had a good chat through brandy making, styles and production, and how much more there is to premium Potstill Brandy then people are aware of. All the brandies fared very well in the first round of tasting, but what was even better to see what on the second round (once palates had warmed up) how much the group was picking up in the different brandies. Flavours and smells from honey, straw, grass, ginger, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, peaches, dried fruit, apricots, cherries – and more. All these from only 5 different brandies!

Brandy tasting – scores on the doors

Brandy tasting lineup

Rating the favourite potstill for the night proved to be a pretty challenging event! quite a few people were a bit uncertain on which to rate higher, at the end of the day they are all really good brandies. But I managed to get a score out of the folks in the end, and Oude Molens VOV easily walked away with top honours for the night. The full results in terms of placings were:

  1. Oude Molen VOV
  2. Klipdrift Gold
  3. KWV 10 year old
  4. Flight of the Fish Eagle and Laborie Alambic (tied score!)

Great fun all round, and always great to share a bit more about brandy with those willing and keen to learn! Thanks to the guys and gal that came through, had a really good evening. Big thanks for for hosting us too!

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