Brandy Tasting at Mont Blanc Financial

All ready to go at Mont Blanc!

Brandy & Ginger had a great night out with the guys from Mont Blanc Financial Services on Friday night. They put on a brandy and chocolate tasting for Scania, one of their key accounts.

It seemed like a suitable opportunity to go all out for the guys and line up some of the big guns of South African premium brandy. Between Oude Molen VOV, KWV 15, Oude Meester Souverein 18, and Van Ryn’s 20 and a premium chocolate pairing to boot, the stage was set for a good night together!

Brandy Tasting at Mont Blanc

The MBFS offices in Bedfordview, were perfectly suited to a big group tasting, with a huge entertainment area, comfy couches and a great view of the setting sun.

Lining up the big guns!

Once set up, we got going with a bit of an overview on making brandy, and the different brandy styles. It was a hot evening and the team were getting thirsty, so before too long we got stuck into the brandies and chatted through the different noses and tastes of each potstill, with some good feedback from the crowd.

Some good reviews of the VOV, and it seemed the KWV 15 was a big fan with the ladies. Oude Meester 18 yo took most interesting honours for its subtle mocha and coffee undertones. As always, the Van Ryn’s 20 year old didn’t disappoint with its smooth complexity.

Brandy and Chocolate pairing

Brandy and Chocolate anyone?

Once we had been through all the brandies, it was time to tuck into the chocolate pairing. We paired the Oude Molen VOV with Lindt Excellence Sea Salt, the KWV 15 yo with Sally Williams dark with nougat pieces, The Oude Meester with Lindt Creations Tiramisu (a simply sublime pairing) and the Van Ryns 20 yo with the Hachez 77% Dark.

As always, different palates preferred different chocolate combinations around the group, again showing how there is no one size fits all rule in the game of chocolate pairing! After we finished up the brandy tasting, some Pizzas arrived and it was grub time!

All in all a really great evening, and many thanks to Nicola, Mariska and Pieter for the organisation and the opportunity for Brandy & Ginger to host the tasting.

I hope the guys from Scania enjoyed the evening, and that we have a few new brandy lovers in the house! Just remember, if anyone is down in the Cape wishing to explore more of our brandy heritage, don’t forget the fabulous site as a simple to use guide!

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