Veritas gets it spot on in 2014

VeritasI was very happy to see the brandy results of this years Veritas awards. Last years competition was a bit puzzling for me with both KWV 15 and 20 year old brandies only walking away with a silver medals, in a year when a pretty big haul of 14 golds and double golds being awarded.

But not so this year. The double gold tally seems spot on, and in my opinion is just another indicator of the supreme quality of brandy that we have available to us in the country.

Revisiting my only other gripe about last years awards, the results are still not released, nor stuck to the bottles, in the categories they are awarded in. Somewhat confusing perhaps for a consumer, who may well favour a double gold Veritas age unstated, over a gold medal 10 year old winner in the 9-12 year class…

But that gripe aside, the double gold winners do truly deserve their medals. Van Ryn’s 15 year old (Potstill and Vintage 13-20 years old) is just quality in a bottle, and not being able to score them apart in my personal capacity, KWV 15 Potstill (and Vintage 13-20 years old) has long been a personal favourite as well. Super for KWV to back it up in fine style this year with a double gold for their 12 year old potstill too (Potstill and Vintage 9-12 years old).

Oude Meester Demant (Potstill & Vintage – age undefined) is certainly a cracking potstill at its price point definitely worthy of the double gold in that category. Last, but in no way least, I was super thrilled to see the Elsenburg 13 year old brandy (Potstill & Vintage 13-20 years old) claim a double gold too. Produced by the students of the Elsenburg college of agriculture (each final year class distills a barrel of brandy each year) this expression was the first ever produced from barrel stocks going back to 1995 and further.

Certainly a worthy recipient, even though some debate rages in wine writing circles about its eligibility as it’s not commercially available right now. But regardless of that, its hugely important for us to acknowledge the quality of this product, given it shared a category with, and indeed beat out to the double gold some heavy weight global award winners such as Van Ryn’s and KWV 20 year olds, and Oude Meseter’s 18 year old Soverein. Well done Elsenburg.

The full list of winners (in the categories they were judged in) follows:

Vintage and Potstill – 13-20 Years old:

  • DG Elsenburg 13 Year Pot still Brandy
  • DG KWV Alambic 15 Year Brandy Limited Release
  • DG Van Ryn’s Fine Cask Reserve 15 Year Brandy
  • G KWV 20 Year Pot still Brandy
  • G Oude Meester Souverein 18 Years Pot still Brandy

Vintage and Potstill – 9-12 Years old:

  • DG KWV 12 Year Barrel Select Brandy
  • G KWV 10 Year Brandy
  • G Richelieu 10 Years Vintage Brandy
  • G Van Ryn’s 10 Year Brandy
  • G Van Ryn’s Distillers Reserve 12 Year Brandy
  • S KWV 10 Year Brandy
  • S Oude Meester Reserve 12 Years Brandy
  • S Van Ryn’s Collectors Reserve 20 Year Brandy
  • B Sydney Back 10 Years Special Release Brandy

Vintage and Potstill – 3-8 Years old:

  • G Laborie Alambic Brandy
  • B Kingna Pot still 5 Brandy

Vintage and Potstill – No Age Given

  • DG Oude Meester Demant Pot stilled Brandy
  • G Flight of the Fish Eagle Natural Brandy
  • G Imoya Brandy
  • G Klipdrift Gold Brandy
  • S Collison’s White Gold Pot still Brandy

For the official Veritas 2014 press release, see here


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