Veritas 2015 Brandy winners

Another impressive double gold and gold medal haul for Brandy was revealed last night at the 25 anniversary of the Veritas awards.

Double Gold Winners at Veritas

Double Gold Winners at Veritas

It’s great to see our brilliant brandy do so well at these award shows and was even better to see a few of the more boutique producers entering again in the form of Kingna, Joseph Barry, Ladismith along with newcomers Paddagang and Drie Berge. Still no result announcement in the categories judged, I guess its time to park that gripe (VERITAS 2013: BRANDY BLOOPERS and VERITAS GETS IT SPOT ON IN 2014)

Scanning through the 13 to 20 year old’s, there’s little surprise really at the double gold winners, the two 15’s and 18 are just superb brandies, fully worthy of DG status and spot on. Interesting to see the two 20 year olds only picking up golds, perhaps something in that adage that age isn’t everything when it comes to find Brandy! But great result none the less.

The middle years look pretty spot on too, with no real suprises apart from Richelieu 10, time to try that one again for sure! A great result for Ladismith 8 yo a worthy double gold recipient. Must say I’m disappointed that Kingna only got bronze, I’ve been a big fan for a while and certainly the latest updated blend deserved a silver or more in my book, especially in the thinly represented 5-8yo category.

If there is one tiny concern though, it would be the jump in double gold awards from last year to this. From 7 last year to 12 this year, it’s almost twice as many. Naturally different judging panels will score things differently, and don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of all the Double Gold winners. I just feel that as the standard of Cape Brandy gets better and better on the whole, there will always be those stand out few that are just on another level. Where to from here? Some form of best in class perhaps, for those with the highest points score per category? It will be interesting to watch!

Here is the full winners list.

Vintage and Potstill – 13-20 Years old:

  • DG KWV Alambic 15 Year Brandy Limited Release
  • DG Van Ryn’s Fine Cask Reserve 15 Year Brandy
  • DG Oude Meester Souverein 18 Years Pot still Brandy
  • G KWV 20 Year Pot still Brandy.
  • G Van Ryns 20 year old Collectors Reserve.
  • S Backsberg Sydney Back Special Release 15 yo

Vintage and Potstill – 9-12 Years old:

  • DG KWV 12 Year Barrel Select Brandy
  • DG KWV 10 Year Brandy
  • DG Richelieu 10 Years Vintage Brandy
  • DG Van Ryn’s Distillers Reserve 12 Year Brandy
  • G Van Ryn’s 10 Year Brandy
  • S Oude Meester Reserve 12 Years Brandy
  • S Paddagang 10yo Potstill Brandy

Vintage and Potstill – 3-8 Years old:

  • DG Ladismith 8yo Cape Brandy
  • B Laborie Alambic Brandy
  • B Kingna Pot still 5 Brandy

Vintage and Potstill – No Age Given

  • DG Collison’s White Gold Pot still Brandy
  • DG Oude Meester Demant Pot stilled Brandy
  • DG Flight of the Fish Eagle Natural Brandy
  • G Klipdrift Gold Brandy
  • G Drie Berge Brandy
  • G Joseph Barry XO handcrafted Cape Brandy
  • S Imoya Brandy 

Here is a link to the official Veritas 2015 results list.


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