SA Brandies at Taste of Cape Town

I had a great time last night musing around the different stalls and expos at the 2012 Taste of Cape Town Festival. Apart from the stunning food and wine displays, it was great to see local brandy represented by Jorgensen’s Distillery and Fine Brandy.By Design

Taste of Cape Town: Jorgensen’s Distillery

Savingnac Brandy: Image from

Roger Jorgensen began distilling back in 1994 and judging from his simply superb Savingnac pure potstill brandy, has definitely perfected his art. Based at the Versailles Farm in Wellington, Roger doesn’t just distill brandy, but turns his hand to a number of other fine spirits, including Vodka, Absinthe and from what I am told (not being a fan I) a very fine Gin!

As far as Rogers brandy goes, each bottle is matured in oak for at least 12 years, and only one barrel at a time is bottled. It is not blended before bottling, which means each successive vintage of Savingnac is as unique in its character as it is in its depth. Find out more about Jorgensen’s Distillery.

Taste of cape town: Fine Brandy.By Design

Stace and Jon enjoying the brandy cocktails

Also very well represented was the Fine Brandy. By Design portfolio. Serving up a number of stunning cocktails as well as a perfectly paired Van Ryn’s 12 year old and chocolate they kept things fresh and appealing to all palates. For those not accustomed to sipping neat spirits, a great spin on the classic Brandy and Ginger was served, using Oude Meester Demant, Ginger ale and bitters. Klipdrift Gold was muddled with mint and mint water on ice, and Fish Eagle paired with its old friend apple and honey to make a great cocktail experience. Each of these was in turn paired with a specific dish to compliment the flavours.

A very talented solo violinist provided some chilled out tunes, and we easily spent half an hour in the tent relaxing.

If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend getting down to the Taste of Cape Town Festival, and if you do make it, be sure to check out the local brandies on display!

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