Christmas Gifts: Brandy Box Gift Sets

So its crazy season, and gift buying is out of control. Crazy people charging around crazy busy malls looking for that ever elusive great gift. Lucky for us brandy producers tend to make it super easy for us at christmas time, with a range of fine premium brandy gift sets. Check out these winners…

Van Ryns 12 Year old Potstill and two brandy glasses

Tasting notes on the 12 Year old:

Nose: Ripe and dried fruits with dark berries, plum, dried apricot, spices of vanilla, cinnamon and sweet tobacco.
Palate: Oak, stong dried fruit, hints of coffee.
Finish: Elegant, long flavour, velvet.

The great thing about this beauty, is not only do you get two stylish glasses to enjoy your world beating brandy in, but also a taste of things to come for you! This set also includes a 50ml miniature Van Ryn’s 15 and Van Ryn’s 20 year old sample are included to tempt you further on the Van Ryns road. Tread easy, its not difficult to love them all!

Recommended price: R391
Available at: Makro; Masscash; PnP; Overland; Spar; Liqour City; Ultra.

Bisquit VS and VSOP Cognac with glasses or coasters

From the stunning house of Bisquit in the heart of Cognac, come a couple of special blends perfectly packaged for Christmas gifting. Dont get too confused by the French designations, The VS contains a minimum of 2 years matured spirit, the VSOP 4 years, and up – but both contain potstill components way older than that, as your taste buds will prove to you…

Packaged in the box set, you either get the choice of 4 picture frame coasters for you to put your own personal touch too, or a set of two stylish branded cognac glasses. Both VS and VSOP are available in these gift packs.

Recommended price: R270 – R434
Available at: Makro and selected other liquor outlets

Oude Molen Brandy Gift Sets (Click Image for Larger View)

No South African Brandy Story is complete without the mention of Rene Santhagens, the founder of Oude Molen Brandy.

He is widely considered the Father of our local amber nectar, and in tasting the Oude Molen Premium Range, there is little doubt as to why.

Packaged up in a stylish box set come all 3 of the Premium Oude Molen Brandy offerings:

  • The flagship VOV (14 year old)
  • The complex and inviting Rene Single Cask
  • The decidedly different Solera, made in the classic Solera style of sherry making, using Spanish sherry casks.

The Brandies are paired with your choice of Large or small brandy baloons, but lets be honest it just tastes that much better out of an uber-glass!

Recommended price: R260 – R685
Available from: Oude Molen Distillery – +27(0)21 859 2517

Van Ryns 20 Year Old Potstill Gift Box

Tasting notes on the 20 Year old:

Nose: Fruit, spice, pear, honey, raisin, prune, port
Palate: fruit cake, orange marmalade, tropical fruit
Finish: rich, decadent, satin

It doesn’t come a lot finer than this. The pinnacle of the Van Ryn’s Range is smooth, wise and complex. Multi-award winning, bling decorated, and now in a new fancy box to boot. This looks like the ultimate present for that ultimate premium brandy fan.

Recommended price: R954.00
Available at: Makro; Masscash; PnP; Overland; Spar; Liqour City; Ultra.

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