Brandy Infusion with Collisons White Gold

Collisons brandy infusion, with strawberry and vanilla

Take a bottle of brandy. Pour a little bit out. Now add in fruit, spices, sweeteners, herbs, anything you can think of that will taste nice, really. Then seal it up and leave it a week. Clear the contents and filter it out. What do you have left? A brandy infusion.

Distell’s “Fine Brandy. By design.” portfolio aims to educate and enlighten consumers to the joys and delights of premium brandy. As part of this initiative they often host events, tastings, food pairings and brandy experiences. One such experience is “Brandy Infusion “with Collisons White Gold Brandy.

Collisons White Gold brandy is one of the funkier more energetic brandies in the Fine Brandy portfolio, and with its youthful looking more trendy image, seems to be the brandy of choice for a younger and perhaps more female focused market. The fact is that it is the perfect mixer brandy, and cocktail base – one of the great brandy cocktails you can serve is simply a healthy measure of Collisons with pure cranberry juice in a martini glass with crushed ice. This mixable style of the Collisons is what makes it the perfect base for a brandy infusion.

Brandy Infusion: Whats the idea?

The idea behind a brandy infusion is that you are able to add various elements into a bottle of brandy and let them sit and mature in the bottle. Once you remove the items, the brandy has inherited the characteristics of the elements added, and results in a custom flavoured “Infused” brandy for you to enjoy, either straight up or with a favourite mixer. Various elements were available for us to add to our brandy, some of them I recall: vanilla pods, apple, lemon, strawberry, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, walnuts, cucumber, cloves and sugar syrup (for sweetening). The idea is you can go as crazy as you want really, but it is advisable to go more simple as such a huge combination of different flavours may not mix so well in the final infusion.

The results

Fruit and spices infusing spirits

Let your imagination run with your infusion ingredients

My personal selection was a combination of a single vanilla pod, some strawberries, a stick of cinnamon and the smallest amount of added sugar syrup. I left the elements in the Collisons for roughly a week and then took them all out. It could be an option to filter the brandy as well afterwards as invariable some sediment is left from the infused ingredients after they have been removed. The result – a very different, spicy, fruity flavoured brandy that really is excellent neat or with a block or two of ice. I have yet to try it out with various mixers, but am sure it will be great.

Try this at home – it’s simple to do and really good fun. Let us know if you managed any winner infusions! Happy Infusing.

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