South African Brandy Guide

South African Brandy Guide: a must have for all connessiours

While cruising around on the South African Brandy Foundation website, I stumbled across a link to get a free copy of “Your Guide to South African Brandy”. Naturally interested, I filled out the form and thought nothing more of it, until I received a post office slip in the mailbox to collect a package. I went off to collect my brandy guide and after a good read, I am very impressed with this high quality publication.

Brandy Guide: Making brandy accessible

The guide really aims at opening up brandy to the general public and explains the ins and outs of the spirit simply, making it very accessible. Importantly, the brandy guide begins with a bit of history on brandy in South Africa, and also explains current state of play, with future prediction trends. It also showcases how good South African brandies are through a review of “world’s best brandy” awards, of which South African brandies have won no less than 9 times in the last 12 years.

Brandy Masters – human after all!

The brandy guide has a number of interviews with brandy masters from different walks of South African life, and gives great insight into the masters that create our fine spirit. The basics of brandy production, types of brandy, tasting, and appreciating brandy are also covered. Then it steps things up a notch with more modern spins on brandy. Mixing up cocktails to woo your friends, brandy and food pairings including interviews with top local chef’s and how they use brandy in their sumptuous cuisine.

Brandy Product Guide

All you need to know on most local premium brandies

The brandy guide finishes off with an explanation of our major brandy routes, and which farms to call at on route, before showing off one of the most complete product guides I have come across to date. Over 50 local and imported brandies available in South Africa are reviewed in detail, and its simple no frills un-biased approach is a must have reference for any discerning brandy drinker in South Africa.

Great work to the South African Brandy Foundation for this very excellent publication. It’s free from their website, so why not get your copy and have a read through. Whether you are an experienced brandy hand, or total novice with a piqued curiosity, this booklet is a must have to keep you set on your own unique brandy adventure.

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