Ten to try at Brandy Fusion 2014

_MG_9524Here’s 10 potstill brandies to try out at Brandy Fusion this year. With over 30 such good brandies available to taste at SA’s biggest brandy festival, it was tough to chose just 10. But then, I do like a challenge…so here we go:

3 Young Guns

To start off and get the taste buds warmed up, I’d suggest getting stuck into three micro produced 5 year old’s.

They will show you up front how smooth and mellow a 5 year old potstill can actually be. You’ll be thinking way past 5 when you sample these crackers:

A Klein Karoo Gem

Once the taste buds have been suitably awakened from their brandy slumber, its time to move on to something slightly more matured…

  • Ladismith 8 year old – masterfully distilled and matured in the small Karoo town, ex gold medal show winner, and unique brandy legend.

Three Teenage Prodigies

Once we start moving over 10 years in wood with potstill brandies, real magic starts to happen. A lot more sweet characteristics start to develop in the amber nectar, undertones of vanilla, chocolate, start to soften the spiciness of younger brandies. And with that the palate opens up into something marvelous

  • Oude Molen VOV – Aged 14 years, it was a tough choice between this beauty and its younger unique Solera sibling. Try it too if you can!
  • Van Ryn’s  15 year old – With such an amazing range, its tough to just pick one. But the 15 for me, takes the cake
  • KWV 15 year old – likewise with the KWV family, you’ll want to come back for the rest. But the 15 shines brightest in my sky.

One for the after dinner coffee

  • Oude Meester 18 yo – rich mocha, mellow dried apricots, and well structured wood. One for the black gold lovers.

And an old French Gentleman

Here’s where I go out on a limb to top off the list. I have never tasted this one. But from what I have heard, read and its recent “World’s Best Cognac” award at IWSC, its got to be worth a shot?

  • Richelieu XO Cognac – Cant tell you why. But I’m expecting big things myself.

Whether you are a ardent brandy and coke fan, potstill brandy connoisseur, or just general festival fundi, Fine Brandy Fusion has something for you. Enjoy a unique combination of sipping brandies, brandy cocktails, food pairings, music, entertainment and good times.  Have fun!

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