Brandy Insight

Improve your brandy insight and knowledge by covering a few basics. Brandy has been made for hundreds of years in South Africa, longer in the rest of the world. It comes steeped in a history as rich and entertaining as any other premium spirit, despite its often negative reputation in South Africa. Take the time to find out more, and start your own journey of brandy appreciation.

Making Brandy

I must admit that when I first started on this brandy journey, I had absolutely no idea how the spirit was made, apart from knowing it was made from wine and not grain like whisky. Making brandy is a fascinating and complicated process,  and after understanding it you have a new found respect for those talented individuals who make it! In layman’s terms, the process of making brandy goes along the lines of this…read more

Brandy Styles in South Africa

In South Africa, 3 general brandy styles are made, namely Potstill, Vintage and Blended. Find out more about what goes into the making of each style…read more

Drinking Brandy: Appreciation Class

The human palate is a unique and fascinating thing. People’s tastes in everything differ. From cars to clothes and music to food, there may be many overlaps in what people agree to like, but there are also huge plains of difference. So why would this be any different when drinking brandy? read more