Oude Meester Brandy: Blue Door Event

I had a great time  last night at the latest installment of the Exclusive Oude Meester Brandy Blue Door events. Held at the stunning Young Bloods Art Gallery in Bree Street, it was a good night of quality Oude Meester brandy, yummy finger food and an inspiring talk from Interactive Africa chief, Ravi Naidoo

Oude Meester Brandy: Brand Makeover

New Look Oude Meester

Our evening started with an introduction to the recent brand make over driven by the creative folks at 140 BBDO. Benjamin Franklin’s head has always graced the bottle front of Oude Meester, and now we get to find out why.

Looking back through the history books, Benjamin Franklin was a truly influential and inspirational leader, and the true master of his own and many other people’s destiny. Oude Meester’s “To the Masters” Campaign is a dedication to the premium spirits brand values, of Purity, Craftsmanship and Mastery.

Oude Meester Brandy: Showing Quality in style

Enjoying the 12 and 18 year old brandy

Inside the Young blood gallery we were met with a classic brandy and ginger mixer, an Oude Meester Demant with Ginger Ale and some bitters on ice. A super drink, and one much enjoyed by the ladies too. Also yummy finger foods were doing the rounds, sushi, satay chicken, beef fillet skewers, and feisty small bowls of chilli con carné pairing superbly with the tall cool mixer.

Once through the welcome cocktails we quickly moved on to the Oude Meester Reserve 12 year old brandy and the Oude Meester Sovereign 18 year old in monster Oude Meester Brandy snifters and sipped the evening away.

There were a couple of roulette tables in the gallery, and some Oude Meester sponsored “Benjamins” were thrown around for society members to have an imaginery gamble on the tables.

Oude Meester Brandy: Wise words of a local Cape Master

Ravi Naidoo gives some inspiration

Also a really nice touch at the event, was a very inspirational talk given by Interactive Africa head, Ravi Naidoo.

Ravi’s message was that the power of spoken words lies in the action thereof, and that talking really is a waste of time if nothing gets done as a result of it.

Stop talking and start doing was the challenge from Ravi, with his belief firmly that the folks surrounding him can achieve extraordinary things if they actually went out and did them.

He also put the wager down to the audience to come up with simple ideas that would change the face of their street, and an incentive of 1000USD was given to get people’s brains kicking into gear. The prize was won by a very strong HIV awareness campaign idea and it will be great to see that idea take form and start helping those fellow South Africans in need.

Don’t miss out on the next one!

All in all a very enjoyable night, and many thanks to Genius, Arthur and the Oude Meester guys. Have long since been an Oude Meester fan and its great to see the brand doing such good things!

Remember: Jamie is watching you!

The Oude Meester Blue Door Event programme is a CRM driven initiative aimed at rewarding those brand loyal folks and passionate fans of Oude Meester Brandy.

Anyone can sign up for the Blue Door Society, and engage in the program.

Its free to sign up, so why not start your own journey through the blue door society program, and see if you crack the nod for the next event!


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