Veritas 2015 Brandy winners

Another impressive double gold and gold medal haul for Brandy was revealed last night at the 25 anniversary of the Veritas awards.

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The Masterpiece of Bisquit Interlude

A fantastic cheese and chocolate pairing, hosted by Bisquit Cognac’s Maitre de Chai, Denis Lahouratate, was rounded off magically with a first ever tasting of Interlude, a Cognac so old, unique and mystical it can only be described as quite outstanding. I could write a single post just on this incredible expression, but there was a […]

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Hennessy Cognac 250 Year Tour

Hennessy, one of the world’s largest and most famous Cognac Houses is celebrating their 250th year of existence. A quarter of a millennia old… It just boggles the mind! To celebrate in true style, the House of Hennessy put together, in collaboration with people from all over the world, an art exhibition to express the […]

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An audience with Martell Cognac

To many South African brandy drinkers, Martell is a well known household name. 5 star and VO blended brandy come to immediate mind. But what most don’t know is that the house of Martell is actually the oldest and one of the finest Cognac houses in the world, and South Africa is the only place you’ll […]

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Kingna – a river runs through it

The Cape’s R62 Brandy Route houses some of the finest brandy micro distilleries in the country. In the world for that matter, I’m certain. But those speeding from Robertson to Barrydale to chase down the better known of them may well be missing the stunning gem that is the Kingna Distillery Tucked away, some 12 […]

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Brandy Fusion JHB 2015 

It was that time of the year again!  The annual Brandy Fusion festival where craft potstill brandies and brandy lifestyle is exhibited. You get to see the glitz and glamour of the up and coming brandy image, experience your favourite brandies and even get to discover a few new smaller brands (some new and some […]

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Platter’s 5 Star Brandy Shootout

Every year our wine sense are guided by a delightful little book called Platter’s Wine Guide.  It is a collection of most of the wines available in South Africa and they do the tough job of grading these wines as well to help you discern between the mediocre, great and amazing.

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Food pairings: why they do work

A lot of skepticism abounds alcohol and food pairings with fair share of public opinion branding them more of a gimmick than actually holding real value. To an extent I can understand the sentiment – there are so many out there, and many are done for the sake of it, to keep up with the latest […]

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Van Ryn’s AU.RA – Finally Tasted

For those who already know (friends, family, avid Brandy & Ginger followers, acquaintances, social media associates, random stranger at the airport and pretty much everyone I spoke to in the past two weeks!) and those who didn’t know… We here at Brandy & Ginger had the bespoke privilege of (finally) tasting the Van Ryn’s 30 […]

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Is Cognac better than Brandy?

Is Cognac better than Brandy? A hotly debated topic in local circles, fueled by the aspirant high priced image of Cognac, against the misrepresented cheaper and less premium image of Brandy. I’ve always wanted to try and answer it with some certainty, and what better a way to try than a blind tasting of some fine Cognac’s […]

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