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More international bling for SA Brandy

SA brandy shone again at IWSC and ISC with two local favourites winning worlds best trophies in this years competitions. Well done KWV and Distell! Great results. Full press release follows:

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Ten to try at Brandy Fusion 2014

Here’s 10 potstill brandies to try out at Brandy Fusion this year. With over 30 such good brandies available to taste at SA’s biggest brandy festival, it was tough to chose just 10. But then, I do like a challenge…so here we go:

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Bezalel – Pure gold from the green Kalahari

Bezalel Wine and Brandy Estate Almost 800 KM from Cape Town, close to the northern borders of the Country, lies little known wine farm, making a big brandy statement. Bezalel Wine and Brandy Estate is situated between Kiemoes and Upington on the N14, and in these parts, is somewhat of an anomaly.

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Elsenburg: Probably the best brandy you’ll
(n)ever taste.

Not many people may be familiar with the Elsenburg College of Agriculture. But there are now 13 very solid reasons why any avid potstill brandy fan really should be! The Elsenburg 13 year old potstill was released late last year, and is quite simply, superb.

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SA brandy’s missing link

Lets not beat about the bush here. Brandy is in trouble. Real trouble. Not super mellow double distilled potstill brandy – that’s enjoying double digit growth, albeit off a small based. But the classic Blended Brandy style of old, poured stiff, stacked with ice and smothered in sweet cokey goodness, is drowning.

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Rémy Martin Louis XIII tasting

Its not often you get to taste one of the true legends of Cognac. Heck its humbling even to just be in the presence of a spirit that was starting its life in oak towards the end of the first world war.

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Brandy Festival 2014

The countdown to showcase South Africa’s leading brandy producers at two prestigious events in Cape Town and Johannesburg has begun. Fine Brandy Fusion merges the smooth and exciting with the thrill of South Africa’s favourite spirit, now supercharged for 2014.

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Pot Luck Club & Brandy Magic

Brandy was the hero yet again at a fantastic lunch put on by the South African Brandy Foundation and KWV. Hosted at the Pot Luck Club in Woodstock, Head Chef Wesley Randles created some fine dining treats to pair with the exclusive KWV range of brandies. Here’s how it went down.

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Au.Ra sets new record for SA brandy

Record price paid for bottle of South African brandy. A rare bottle of South Africa’s oldest potstill brandy has been sold at a charity auction for R38 000.

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KWV 12 year old potstil brandy

Exciting news for local brandy fans is the release last month of KWV 12 year old brandy. The new 100% potstil addition to the family fits perfectly between the hugely undervalued 10 year old vintage (actually 100% potstill, but still called a vintage) and the smooth, refined and ultra elegant 15 year old alambic.

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