What Exactly is Premium Brandy?

Just like rare whisky, premium brandy is distilled in copper potstills and aged in oak barrels, sometimes for 20 or more years. With dedication, precision and skill, our brandy masters create some of the finest spirits in the world.

Layers of complexity, aroma and taste reveal themselves to those willing to learn, to those able to set aside hearsay and really delve into the heart of this fascinating liquid…

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Hess Alambic 5 yo Brandy R220.00

From the quaint R62 town of Montagu, comes a very much unknown 5 year old potstill brandy from Mimosa Lodge.  My rating is 16/25

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Drink for thought?

Its a curious thing this brandy spirit...

I've lost count of the upturned noses when I have offered it to guests. "I don't like brandy..." "No thanks, it makes you agro..."

So forgive me the pleasure in changing perceptions ;) The history, the crafting, the rich fruity aromas and silky lingering palate. Fact is, premium brandy is so much more than just brandy.

I never knew this, so why then should anyone else? If you like whiskey, or drink spirits, try a few premium brandies. I'm not saying its for everyone. But I am saying you will be surprised what you discover...

Tasting Room

  • Oude Molen 100 reserve brandy R109.95

    From the well know Oude Molen Distillery in the Elgin Valley, comes the fine Oude Molen 100 Reserve brandy. Made in “Big Bertha” and “Long Tom”, the countries biggest stills, this is a fine light and tasty brandy. My rating 16/25

  • Sir George Potstill Brandy

    Sir George 5yr R250.00

    An undiscovered secret of the Wellington brandy route, Sir George 5yr from Napier Winery. A simply superb, small volume potstill, sold in elegant 500ml bottles. My rating: 18/25

  • Kingna 5 year old brandy R180.00

    Hand crafted in small volumes at the Kingna distillery in Montagu, the 5 year old delivers a super flavour profile with smooth lingering finish. Another great 5 yo micro produced potstill brandy. My rating is 18 /25

  • Joseph Barry 10 year old brandy

    Joseph Barry 10 year old brandy R550.00

    From the stunning R62 and Barrydale Cellars, Joseph Barry 10 year old brandy is the award winning flagship in a great potstill brandy range. My rating 18/25

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Joseph Barry 10 year old brandy

Why Brandy & Ginger

This blog is an expression of my interest and passion for premium brandy. It is an exploration of the hidden and secretive world of this spirit, that I was fortunate enough to discover.

The name itself is tribute to one of the tastiest tall drinks I have yet to discover. A quality brandy mixed in a tall glass with ginger ale (not ginger beer) and lots of ice. Preferably a solid measure of Flight of the Fish Eagle, Nederburg Solera, or Oude Molen 100 Reserve.

Try it, you wont be disappointed